NeoBook CTG Version for ChessBase

NeoBook CTG Version is a downloadable opening book that can be visualized using the popular chess program ChessBase. This is the best CTG book in the world for chess players. The advantage of this version is that you can save it in your computer storage and use it whenever you want without an internet connection. It is ideal to make studying openings much easier and prepare your favorite variations before and during a chess tournament.

It offers you:

1) All the existing chess openings in a single tool.
2) The most precise analyzes by artificial intelligence programs you can find.
3) It uses colors and chess annotations to help you understand the quality of every move.
4) It uses evaluation marks on every analyzed move to help you assess the positions you want to study.
5) Exclusive Analyzes until move 30.
6) Amazing Monthly Updates.
7) You can save it permanently on your devices.
8) No internet connection required.
9) You can improve your learning process by combining NeoBook with other ChessBase features.
10) The best CTG book in the world exclusively made to study chess openings.
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